Inspired by New Possibilities: Spring 2017 Meeting Recap

Earlier this month, sustainability and business leaders from Kimberly-Clark, The Kellogg Company, Heineken MX, ECOR Global, World Resources Institute (WRI), The Coca-Cola Company, CEMEX, FEMSA and FEMSA Foundation, Antea Group, The Nature Conservancy, the Mexico City Water Fund, and NYU Stern School of Business convened at the biannual Monetization Working Group (MWG) meeting. Thanks to FEMSA Foundation for hosting the 25+ individuals at FEMSA’s headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico.

The Monetization Working Group is dedicated to enabling more sustainable business decisions, and this meeting’s robust agenda reflected significant headway toward our mission. Participants discussed the overall strategic direction, formulating future progress milestones and celebrating the significant accomplishments to date. Key accomplishments and developments included:

  • The launch of the new MWG website: This serves as a platform not only to raise awareness of the Group’s initiatives, but, equally important, to make available the tools and learnings from MWG members’ collaborative efforts. We encourage you to bookmark this site (and our blog) as a go-to source of information for enabling more sustainable decisions.

  • The debut of FREE training and e-modules design to build organizational capacity: Building a Better Business Case for Investments in Sustainability Speaking of enabling more sustainable decisions, we are excited to announce the launch our 6 part course series, designed to offer organizations the opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities to construct and deliver a better business case, including the use and application of techniques that support decomposition, quantification and monetization of tangible and intangible benefits that are derived from such investments. For more information, visit our course home page.

  • Ongoing pilot projects with participant companies: Member companies continue to collaborate on new tool development and refinement, in order to ensure our work addresses the ongoing challenge organizations face in sustainable investment decision-making. Participants left the meeting inspired by the new possibilities and energized by the collective sharing of challenges and opportunities. There was also overwhelming agreement to identify further opportunities for practical application of our e-learning concepts and methodologies within participating organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how you can materially participate in the work of the Monetization Working Group, contact us today.

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