Bogota and Mexico City Meetings Made June a Busy Month for the Monetization Working Group

June was a very active month for The Monetization Working Group (MWG), which included participation in the 3rd Biennial Water Funds conference in Bogota, Colombia along with working sessions and a full MWG meeting hosted by FEMSA at their offices in Mexico City. Both of these events played an important part in helping the Group advance its purpose of accelerating progress by removing obstacles to better, more sustainable business decision-making.

During the Water Funds conference, held 14-17 June, Antea Group along with MWG co-founder Fundación FEMSA delivered an educational workshop entitled "Building a Better Business Case for Investments in Sustainability." Perspectives from across the globe (including participants from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, United States and other countries) were debated and discussed throughout the session. This dialog and associated instruction equipped and empowered attendees with new views and capabilities in building more complete, tangible and credible business cases for investments in sustainability.

Equally engaging were the working sessions and full meeting of the MWG in Mexico City on 28-30 June. Thanks to our host FEMSA, and our colleagues from Kimberly-Clark; Kellogg’s; NYU-Stern Business School; Monterrey Institute of Technology & Higher Education; The Nature Conservancy and CEMEX for their active participation. It was great to see progress being made on our current collaborative projects, recapping the Group’s progress and establishing new projects and plans. These sessions offered a unique format where peers applied their collective intellect, helping each other’s with their respective investment cases/challenges, all the while increasing

skills and capabilities in monetizing business value creation and making better business case presentations. I am certain we are all looking forward to the MWG’s next meeting planned for Atlanta in October.

If you are having challenges monetizing the intangible business benefits associated with your sustainability investments, or looking for insights on how to drive better, more informed and sustainable decisions and would like to join this practical, problem-solving Group, contact us for additional information.

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