Funding Latin American Watershed Replenishment: MWG in Triple Pundit

Monetization Working Group co-founder Carlos Hurtado and member Tod Christenson are interviewed over at Triple Pundit about Latin American watershed replacement and the formation of the MWG. Here's a teaser:

"Leaders often struggle to understand which choices are best when it comes to investing in sustainability. One way to improve is to enable stronger business case development and associated analyses of both tangible and intangible benefits connected to these investments.

In response to this challenge, FEMSA Foundation and Antea Group founded the Monetization Working Group (MWG) in March 2014. This cross-sectoral group of industry, NGO and private-sector leaders focuses on enabling better, more sustainable business decisions.

Group participants are collaborating on the development of a business case capability development curriculum. To test and refine this curriculum, FEMSA Foundation, Antea Group and the Nature Conservancy (TNC) have partnered on a series of pilot workshops delivered to select teams working on Water Funds – a series of water conservation initiatives involving local watersheds throughout Mexico, Central and South America, collectively known as the Latin American Water Funds Partnership."

Read the full interview at Triple Pundit.

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