Other Work and Projects in Progress

Participant-selected and funded projects include

Building A Better Business Case For Investment In Sustainability

Curriculum development and delivery for The Nature Conservancy & the FEMSA Foundation.

Decomposition Tool Prototype - Investments in Water Stewardship

Design and development of the DSD Decomposition Tool by The Coca-Cola Company; Kimberly-Clark Corporation & Antea Group.

Building A Better Business Case For Investment In Sustainability

Corporate Pilot: Refining the Curriculum for a corporate audience and testing learnings with actual company investments in sustainability; participants included FEMSA; the Kellogg Company and Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Valuing Nature

Application of the MWG concepts in combination with valuing ecosystems services by The Coca-Cola Company and Antea Group.

Water Fund Benefit Decomposition

Decomposition of benefits to various stakeholders for investments related to the Monterrey, Mexico Metropolitan Water Fund, which was sponsored by Fondo de Agua Metropolitano de Monterrey (FAMM). 

Social Investment Business Case

In this ongoing project, the business and social benefits of CEMEX’s Construyo Contigo initiatives are being monetized, including inventorying/quantifying the benefits for governments involved and the company’s leadership. 

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